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scrollable div

Postby Tombc » Mon Jul 02, 2007 2:54 am

Hi, first i want to say that your scripts are amazing and very beautiful. Well... i'm from Brazil, i don't speak English very well and i don't understand these stuffs, javascript codes, ajax and other things very well... I know the basic...

So, i have a huge list (with about 200 links) that i want to put in a small place, it's a box that came from a web template (it's 200px of width and 150px of height) that I downloaded. The scrollable div is exactly what i want, it'd be perfect, but the content is too big to the size of the box... i mean, i can't scroll down till the end, it stops before the last link. I noticed the scrollbar has a fixed size, is not automatic... i tried to change everything in the files, increasing the height, but nothing changes. So, i'm doing something wrong or the script really don't support a huge height ?

I change all the javascript methods easily (scrolldiv_setHeight(newHeight) ; setContentBgColor(rgbColor) and others...). The only thing is the height of content...

Please , help me, i tried the other scripts, but they are not good, most of them doesn't have the scroll bar , only arrows ( i hate this kind of scroll, you can't scroll as easily as the script from this site!)

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