Sudoku not quit right

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Sudoku not quit right

Postby King26 » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:39 pm


First of all, great scripts and a nice website. Thanks

This will be hard to explain, but.

When you try to solve a sudoku, there will be in the end 2 or 3 numbers ie. in the 3 top sections where you can place them in different ways. And that is not good, because there should only be one solotion.

I think the problem is this. Will show an exampel

The top three sections
281 967 354
435 128 796
679 543 812

You can for example see that horizontal the numbers 281 always are together and vertical 246 always are together.

In others sudokus it looks like:
The top three sections
621 897 534
387 451 269
945 623 871

Here are only two numbers together and the third a different horizontally for examle 2 and 6 is together and vertically everyone is different.

Is this something that someone can change or is it to hard to do it?
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