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Image Crop just hangs, never reaches crop_image.php

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:04 pm
by David Pennell
Whenever I push the crop button, no matter how small I made the crop, or anything, it just hangs on the progress bar. It doesn't seem to ever load the crop_image.php. I can even move that file and it changes nothing. It hangs as long as a browser will tolerate. Windows and Mac and several browsers.

The only thing I changed so far was the path to imagemagick binaries. I made the demo-images folder 777.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:07 pm
by David Pennell
I should add I tried it on a different server and the crop_image.php seemed to have a problem only with the exec actually producing the image. It seems that included by ajax it doesn't work. Sending the same parameters to crop_image.php does work, or at least it echos the right variables.

How on Earth do you debug one of these things?