paste event in DG Filter not working

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paste event in DG Filter not working

Postby anthonyaj » Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:00 pm

Hello i am using the DG Filter and realized if someone pastes text in the input field using right-click and paste the event will not be fired unless a key is pressed.

if you look in the code this is when you add an event listener :

addFilterEvents : function() {
this.html.filterField.addEvent('keyup', this.filter.bind(this));
this.html.filterField.addEvent('paste', this.filter.bind(this));

so the paste event is added but for some reason it is not triggered in IE and FF. i have been researching for a few days now and managed to fix it in FF by adding this event :
this.html.filterField.addEvent('input', this.filter.bind(this));

as for IE i wasn't able to make it work....

i was wondering if anyone can help with this

Thank you very much
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