Dynamic Client Lookup Script

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Dynamic Client Lookup Script

Postby mbarandao » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:45 am


I do hope that posting a question concerning the client look script will not be considered an outdated topic --because of the date of many of the postings have reviewed here concerning this script.

On any rate, I have incorporated the Client Lookup script into a project that I'm developing and have since been running into some problems with the showClient function returning no data from the database. I traced the issue to a textarea field in the database which if the information within it field has a new line function ("\n") or simply if the information inputted in this field is done with any keyboard Enter strike, this cause the script to become nonresponsive.

So my conclusion is that new lines are not alllowed. Is there a work-around? I need to be able to have data retrieved from a textarea box which obviously needs to have data on new lines.

Again, is there a possible fix for this? I understand that this script maybe old, but I hope this is doable. This script has become important part of my project.

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