Draggable Boxes RSS Problem with IE8

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Draggable Boxes RSS Problem with IE8

Postby t.b.breuer (Restore) » Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:39 pm


I can just agree that this script is excellent. However I have a problem happening under IE8 regardless of the DOCTYPE I am using. The box shakes around a bit and then jumps back to the origin. In some cases by moving the mouse very fast it works. Seems that somehow it loses the event mousemove or so when adding the rectangleDiv.

In the online Demo it also does not work. Means the same problem occurs under IE8.

Wouldbe great to get some help for this case.


PS: I was posting this also under another forum item, but as it has gotten the title <resolved> I thought it might be better to open a seperate one.
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