submit Form & long textarea

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submit Form & long textarea

Postby nada740 » Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:55 am


I have been searching in your forum for two days an anwser without finding a solution.

I used your code for my application that worked great by the way, thank you. However, I still have a little problem and I really need your help if you may, since I’m not a professionnal with the AJAX code.

Now here’s my problem :

<form Name="form" method="POST" Action="javascript:ajax_loadContent('DIV_MAIN','Page.asp?' + formItem=' + document.form.formItem.value, false);">

While I request item in my Page.asp [Request.QueryString(formItem)], It all works great except when my form is containing a TEXTAREA item along many many caracters.(ex.2000) After wich the page does not anwser.

Maybe there is a limitation in the address leg...

Now here’s my question :
Is it possible to request formItem by the traditional way?

Ex. in ASP request.form(formItem)?

Thank you very much for your time.

Sincerly yours waiting desperatly
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