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Fly 2 Basket with Attributes

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Fly 2 Basket with Attributes

Postby wHiTeHaT » Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:02 am

Hello @ all...

i'm working on a new ordering system for the company i work.
( to make my life there easyer).

It is a company what sells different types of construction metals.

I managed to create a cart with 3 scripts from the excelent dhtmlgoodies site:
-Fly to Basket

All 3 works perfectly now together.
Additionaly i wanted to also insert dhtmlgoodies slider , but as it is inside dhtmlsuite and not standallone i leave it out for now.

What i try to achieve is pretty complex.

A product has a default lenght of 6.10 meters ( some are 6.00 and some are 6.05).
Mostly customers require the metals to be cutted into pieces.
Now what i try to achieve is to have a attribute inside the main product to represent X# of cuttings of the ordered product(s).
For example:
Product Id 1 default 6.10 meter:
2x 2.00 X
3x 2.50 X
1x 1.50 X

Product Id 3 default 6.10 meter:
1x 4.25 X
6x 0.50 X
1x 1.80 X

i have created propiate db table to handle attributes , infact i even succeed to output cuttings when enter this data manualy inside db.
However my problems are inside the fly-to-basket.js , ther ei loose overview of how to control the output-add and remove stuff.
If anyone is interested to support me with this i would be verry thankfull.
you can see current script in action here:
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Postby wHiTeHaT » Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:18 pm

Posts: 57
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