Folder tree with drag and drop + AJAX

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Folder tree with drag and drop + AJAX

Postby lay » Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:06 am


I'd like to combine "Folder tree with drag and drop" demo with ajax loading of menus:

I build the JSTreeObj.parseSubItems function from "Static list based folder tree" demo to drag-drop-folder-tree.js, and calling after loading menu content with ajax, to initialize new appeared menus. But i can't make to add drag&drop capability to new menus. I probe to clone, and calling initTree function, but don't works. Anybody can fix this problem?



ajaxtreedata.php source:

header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-2");
$menuk[1][4]="Elsõ al 1";
$menuk[1][5]="Elsõ al 2";
$menuk[2][6]="Második al 1";
$menuk[2][7]="Második al 2";
$menuk[2][8]="Második al 3";
$menuk[7][9]="Második al 2/1";
$menuk[7][10]="Második al 2/2";
$menuk[7][11]="Második al 2/3";
foreach ($menuk[$szulo] as $menuid=>$nev) {
echo '<li id="node'.$menuid.'"><a href="#">'.$nev.'</a>';
if (isset($menuk[$menuid])) {
echo '<ul id="tree_ul_'.$menuid.'"></ul>';
echo "</li>\n";
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