Ajax expandable tree, and other questions.

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Ajax expandable tree, and other questions.

Postby TallyClogs » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:25 pm

I just recently discovered DHLMLGoodies and am very impressed. Of course I have some newbie questions. :lol:

I implemented the dnd folder tree successfully. I actually have two trees on the screen, they are identical but the user will be able to make changes to the right tree (using left tree for "building blocks"). Only the right tree will be saved. The trees are built from the database and can become fairly large which will have a significant, negative, performance impact.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Would it be possible to use AJAX to expland nodes as the user clicks on the +-sign. I know you have another DHTMLGoodie that does just that, but not for drag-n-drop folder trees. I will probably need to find a way to initialize new nodes as they are retrieved by AJAX? I believe this will result in a major performance improvement.

2. Is it possible to set up one tree as "fixed", i.e. you can drag from that tree but it will not remove the dragged items from the tree. In other words, dragging will copy (not move) from the left tree and drop in the right tree. It would also be nice, but not critical, if the user were unable to drag to or inside the left tree, i.e. make it totally unchangeable.

3. Can the context menu be set so that, in addition to Add and Delete, I have a Properties option that will open up a popup (or display a hidden div) where additional changes can be made to the selected item.

4. When I click on Expand All, the tree does not expand fully. Is there a limit?

Please let me know if you want me do post these four questions in separate posts.

Thank you very much for any help!

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