need help with drag-drop script

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need help with drag-drop script

Postby hambam » Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:38 pm


I found this great site with great examples.
Especially the demo3 of drag and drop to columns.

My task is to create a solution for our trainees to assign them to our departments. (which is done in excel so far :? )

For that the trainees only change monthy, I need 12 container for each department. The number of trainees for each department and month can differ (from 1-5).

First problem I have is, that I don't get it where the script set the number of dropareas to 3 in a row (because I need 12)?

Second, how could I start with a droparea size of only one item and could dynamically expand the size of the area if another trainee added?

I'm sure your answers will help me a lot to understand the script.

Thanks in advance for all assistance.
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