Unobtrusive Slide Out Menu Won't 'collapse'!

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Unobtrusive Slide Out Menu Won't 'collapse'!

Postby JRK » Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:10 pm

I am new to forum:

I have just downloaded the 'Unobtrusive Slide Out Menu' from your site. Firstly, may I say how easy it was to configure. I've got it set up as in 'Demo 3': I have the menu on the left and some items are simple links, others have one sub menu and others have two levels of sub menu.

It all works fine before I put in the links. Each menu element expands and collapses beautifully. BUT: When I add the links it's not so good. I am directed to the correct URL/Page etc but when I return to the menu page, the expanded options I choose are still there! I have to exactly re-trace the choices, and then move away from the menu to get it to collape. :( Although I now know this, my site's users won't and will find it a distraction. (Is there a way to simply 'refresh' the menu on page load - to put it back to its original, pre-expanded state?). Thanks, John
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