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Space between images in slidedown menu

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 5:12 pm
by simon8or
I'm having trouble with the slidedown menu displaying properlty on internet explorer. Can any one help?

I'm using all images for both main slidedown menu and sub menu. Both display a space between images on the menu in IE. Firefox and chrome work perfectly, except IE 6, 7 & 8 do not.

I've tried making multiple changes in the css code including:
1. changing Doctype from strict to loose, etc..
2. removing all spacing and margins

I tried adding the following code (does not fix problem):

function initSlideDownMenu()
dhtmlgoodies_slmenuObj = document.getElementById('dhtmlgoodies_slidedown_menu');

var browserMSIE = navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE')>=0?true:false;
var images = dhtmlgoodies_slmenuObj.getElementsByTagName('IMG');
for(var no=0;no<images.length;no++){
images[no].style.styleFloat = 'left';
var aTags = dhtmlgoodies_slmenuObj.getElementsByTagName('A');
for(var no=0;no<aTags.length;no++){
aTags[no].style.display = 'inline';
Please see menu in IE.


Can you please suggest possible fix?

Thanks in advance.