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<thead> Section Floats on page return

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 10:42 pm
by Leonard

Perhaps someone here can shed some light on the situation I am experiencing with the Table Widget.

On the particular project, I four columns for output display. First column has a hyperlink to a secondary page. The other three just display text. I would like to control column widths to achieve the desired layout, but I encounter an issue.

That issue being:

When I click on a link in the first column to proceed to the second page and then return to the first page containing the table with widget applied, the <thead> section floats on the page. If I refresh the page and/or sometimes move the cursor over the table, the <thead> tag will replace itself where it should be.

Now from I can determine, this only happens if I set the column widths myself. If I simply let the table structure itself as to the column widths, all works fine.

Any suggestions on how to correct this situation? If there is one.