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What a great script

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What a great script

Postby kuroi » Fri Jan 13, 2006 1:57 am

Great job Alf. A quick glance at your installation instructions for this script showed that it might just be a doddle to add to a site table that I had recently coded. So much of a doddle, that I decided to see if I could have it working in the 8 minutes that it would take my pizza lunch to cook.

I restructured the javascript that generates the code to include <thead> and <tbody> tags, added the script to my header (temporarily) and the initSortTable call immediately after the code generating the table, refreshed everything and ... nothing. Ouch. Can smell that pizza. Don't want burnt lunch.

Happily all that had taken less than 4 mins and a quick scan of your example and script resulted in a successful guess that I needed to change the <th>s in my table header to <td>s. Easily done with time left over to style the <thead> then hot, fresh(ish) pizza to celebrate.

I still can't believe that start to finish it took me less than 8 mins to add functionality that I had been pondering on and off the past week.

Just one question: any particular reason why you coded this to work only with <td> tags in the header?

Anyway, great job, not just on this script, but the whole site. It just oozes class throughout.
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Postby Batalf » Fri Jan 13, 2006 9:37 am

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