imageslideshow5/arrows problem/mac safari firefox

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imageslideshow5/arrows problem/mac safari firefox

Postby hoveneverslackin » Wed Dec 06, 2006 2:24 am

this is going to be tough to explain...

I have 2 strips of thumbnails.

when loading up the page:
- i see ONE right-arrow.
- when i click that, the right-arrow disappears and left-arrow appears.
- when i click left-arrow it scrolls back BUT i dont see right-arrow. left arrow still stays.
- if i click that left arrow again, left disappears and right-arrow shows up.

from then on, i can repeat again.

I havent tested this on a PC yet. please help

if i set
var columnsOfThumbnails = 3;
not as = false,
the whole arrow issue is not a problem--except that even tho right-arrow is gone, it is still clickable and will scroll to empty space.

in the end,
i would like to keep it
var columnsOfThumbnails = false
because i have many galleries to reference this code.
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