vertical filmstrip gallary

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vertical filmstrip gallary

Postby » Thu May 03, 2007 7:32 pm


i am struggling for last two days to implement it. the java sacript is not working for me at all.

what i have done is: on the pane splitter i have implement a side menu. on clicking a link code is written as:

<li class="dhtmlgoodies_sheet.gif" onclick='paneSplitter.loadContent("center","web/portal/data/teamdetails/teamHQ.jsp",0);
paneSplitter.showContent("center");return false'><a href="#" id="node_100_1">Team HQ</a>

where web/portal/data/teamdetails/teamHQ.jsp is a file on my server which is containing the code related to gallary verticle filmstrip.
now when this page opens it shows the images default first image and a fimstrip of other images. but nothing happens like scrolling of strip on hovering mouse to arrows.

This all is working fine when i tried it on the pane-splitter-demo page itself by putting all the stuff in the default center tab.

please help
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