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Vertical slideshow not working within AJAX page

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:21 pm
by richLund
I have tried to implement the vertical slideshow within an ajax page (slideshow called from external page to appear in div) and it doesn't slide on mouseover. I have a feeling there is a conflict with the 'window onload' function.

There is another sequential slideshow active on the first page that loads. Here is the code that appears in the head for the first slideshow function:

<script type="text/javascript">

window.onload = function() { myShow = new Slideshow('my_slideshow', {type: 'zoom', duration: [4000, 7000], hu: 'img/', images: ['1.jpg','2.jpg','3.jpg','4.jpg','5.jpg','6.jpg','7.jpg',]}); }


Is it actually possible to use the vertical slideshow in this manner, i.e calling both functions even though one has not loaded yet.

Can anybody advise me of the correct syntax to call both functions. I am quite a novice to javascript.