events at lowest level of static list-based tree

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events at lowest level of static list-based tree

Postby Roselyne » Thu Aug 24, 2006 10:13 pm

Hello Everyone,

I have downloaded the static list-based tree and i am having problems inserting events at the lowest levels of the tree.

I get the part where the ShowHideNode function is called for the image and the <a> tag.

img.src = imageFolder + plusImage;
img.onclick = showHideNode;

subItems[0].id = 'tree_ul_' + treeUlCounter;

var aTag = menuItems[no].getElementsByTagName('A')[0];
aTag.onclick = showHideNode;


And i also get the swith between the default image and the sheet image.

menuItems[no].id = 'dhtmlgoodies_treeNode' + nodeId;
var folderImg = document.createElement('IMG');

folderImg.src = imageFolder + menuItems[no].className;
folderImg.src = imageFolder + folderImage;


But i can't seem to add an event when there are no more nodes to hide or show. For example at the lowest levels of my tree i want to use the sheet image and display a floating window.

i tried:

folderImg.src = customFunctionCreateWindow(false);return false;

But i think that does not work because everytime someone clicks on a <li> item it calls showHideNode;

How can i specify that when there are no more nodes i would like to call another functions and do something like:

<li><a href="#" onclick="customFunctionCreateWindow(false);return false;">hello</a></li>

Please help!!!!!
Thanks, :roll:
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