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Interesting problem

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Interesting problem

Postby FickD » Wed Jan 17, 2007 4:50 pm

Ok this will be a long winded explination as I am using the dhtml pane splitter to create an application that is somewhat complex. Currently I have the browser open a page that has a north pane for a menu, a center pane for the contents, an east pane that I had for a help system, and a south pane with no contents, just a title with the site copywrite information. In the center pane I load up projects into new tabs, each tab get's an IFRAME that holds the project page. Now this is where it get's tricky and where all my problems start. I load up in the iframe another page using the pane splitter to create a west pane ( inside the tab ) and a center pane... the west pane will hold a folder view and the center pane will hold the project details. I've managed to get this to work so far no problems. I also added some ajax calls to the openPage and callbackOnTabSwtich procedures on the top page to save all the open tabs information and the current active tab so that on a refresh I can reopen the tabs the way they were ( that was working great until I added the pane splitter as the contents of the tabs iframe ). Now when I refresh the browser I call openPage with all the saved tabs in the session, however I am now getting javascript errors and only the active tab loads in IE, firefox is behaving properly. The javascript error I am getting isn't very helpful either it basically says invalid argument. Anybody got any thoughts or need more explination let me know... I'm stumped.

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Postby Batalf » Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:08 pm

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Postby FickD » Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:21 pm

The javascript has the following error message:

Line: 11561
Char: 4
Error: Invalid argument.
Code: 0
URL: http//fickd1/nodes/index.php?PagePrefix=Tab1

The line in dhtml-suite-for-appliactions.js on that line has the following code:
11558: if(this.panesAssociative['west']){
11559: this.panesAssociative['west'].divElementCollapsed.style.height = (heightMiddleFrames) + 'px';
11560: this.panesAssociative['west'].divElementCollapsedInner.style.height = (heightMiddleFrames -5) + 'px';
11561: }
11562: if(this.panesAssociative['east']){
11563: this.panesAssociative['east'].divElementCollapsed.style.height = heightMiddleFrames + 'px';
11564: this.panesAssociative['east'].divElementCollapsedInner.style.height = (heightMiddleFrames - 5) + 'px';
11565: }

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Postby FickD » Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:42 pm

I removed the following lines of code and now IE is working correctly with no JavaScript errors, I'm thinking somethings wrong with the westPane I set up.

Lines 11558 - 11561:

this.panesAssociative['west'].divElementCollapsed.style.height = (heightMiddleFrames) + 'px';
this.panesAssociative['west'].divElementCollapsedInner.style.height = (heightMiddleFrames -5) + 'px';
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