Table widget : a problem and a request

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Table widget : a problem and a request

Postby gdelamarre » Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:05 am

Hi Batalf,

i just encountered a problem with the table widget : i always get a header expanded on the first page of results and only this one. As soon as i go the second or any other, everything's ok, but if i come back on the first page, the header is expanded, and no scrollbar is shown on FF.

The second problem is more a suggestion, since it's a side-effect : when you've a got a big resultset (in my case, about 1700 rows), the pager list more thant 80 direct page links... i think you should add an option like maxDirectLinks, and when the number of page is over, then you display a select box and not a list of direct links.

I can do this if you want, but only if this could be integrated in next versions of the Suite, so i can upgrade next time you update the code ;)
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