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Food menu

Postby MrBurns » Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:59 am


I'm creating a web app which will allow online restauranteurs to define food menus and basically sell food. Now, here's the problem:

I want the user to be able to define food menus in the system, but the system will not be aware of food items...i.e. it will be generic.. The difficulty in terms of DHTML\HTML is that I need a form which is quite complex. The form would need to allow the user to define the menu item name, then the cost and here's the difficult part, the options for that item if any. A pizza might have options such as toppings, size, crust type etc. whereas a sandwich might have options such as filllings and bread type..some of these options require different widgets e.g. pizza toppings - tick boxes, sandwich bread type - drop down etc. So i guess the user might also be able to choose a suitable widget. Another facet is that some items are mutually exclusive e.g. pizza size and others are not e.g. butter on bread etc. Does anyone have a fitting script or can they advise on how I might tackle this..

Thanks for any help..
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