Postback in paneSplitter causes brand new page

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Postback in paneSplitter causes brand new page

Postby EzaBlade » Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:01 pm

I am quite new to ASP.NET/Javascript development so I am guessing there is a simple solution to my problem so I have not, as yet, included any examples of my code.

I have a TreeView in the West Pane from which users will load a Crystal Report in the Center pane. This is on the main page Default.aspx

The report is loaded and populated in a separate page called Report.aspx which I load into the center pane using 'paneSplitter.addContent', setting the contentUrl argument to the required value (including a querystring).

However in 95% of cases the report will require the user to supply parameters and so I want to provide a dialog to the user to get this input.

Therefore, the page needs to be loaded twice
First, to get request parameter input
Second, to display the report

Therefore, on first load the Report.aspx page presents a list of input controls and a submit button. On clicking the submit button I want to reload the page, this time displaying the report and then this should be refreshed in the Center Pane. However, when the page does a postback the browser now displays only the report page, it no longer displays the paneSplitter with the report page contained within.

The url before clicking the submit button is


...the url after clicking the submit button is...

http://localhost:1458/DHTMLSuiteSplitte ... 1565926585

The rndval=1221565926585 on the end of the querystring was not added by me.

I hope this makes sense and someone can help.

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