Shopping Cart problem

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Shopping Cart problem

Postby suhanasoft » Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:24 pm


I have done insert , delete part of shopping cart. All works fine , but I have two problems

1. When I refresh why all data is lost?
2. As you can see in the right part , if you refresh, it shows data from cart table but no delete image right side.

and if you add same product in same session, still it comes in separate row.

Please check my code

<table id="shopping_cart_items" border='1' width="250">
$sel_cart="select * from cart where sess='".$_SESSION['sess']."' group by prod_name";
<tr id="shopping_cart_items_product<?=$rs['cart_id']?>">

<!-- Here, you can output existing basket items from your database
One row for each item. The id of the TR tag should be shopping_cart_items_product + productId,
example: shopping_cart_items_product1 for the id 1 -->
<div id="shopping_cart_totalprice"></div>

I have no idea where I am wrong. Please help!

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