Tab view example (With table widgets inside tabs)

Table widget 1

Name Age Position Income Gender
John 37 Managing director 90.000 Male
Susan 34 Partner 90.000 Female
David 29 Head of production 70.000 Male
Laura 29 Head of marketing 70.000 Female
Kate 18 Marketing 50.000 Female
Mona 21 Marketing 53.000 Female
Mike 21 Marketing 53.000 Male
Mark 25 Production 52.000 Male
Peter 33 Production 55.000 Male
Jennifer 24 Production 49.000 Female
David 25 Photography 51.000 Male
Anna 42 Head of photography 56.000 Female
Rita 30 Photography 54.000 Female
Magnus 25 Freelancer 65.000 Male
Johnny 29 Freelancer 63.000 Male
Add new column to the table above dynamically

Table widget 2

This second table shows you how you can sort dates as string. Look for the hidden <SPAN> tags in the source code.

Name Position Born
John Managing director 1973-03-02March, 2nd, 1973
Susan Partner 1985-12-12December, 12th, 1985
David Head of production 1964-11-16November, 16th, 1964
Laura Head of marketing 1971-04-03April, 3rd, 1971
Kate Marketing 1966-09-29September, 29th, 1966
Mona Marketing 1955-08-21August, 21st, 1955
Mike Marketing 1978-01-30January, 30th, 1978
Mark Production 1983-11-08November, 8th, 1983
Peter Production 1984-12-02December, 2nd, 1984
Jennifer Production 1987-10-15October, 15th, 1987
David Photography 1982-10-31October, 31st, 1982
Anna Head of photography 1976-04-28April, 28th, 1976
Rita Photography 1981-03-02March, 2nd, 1981
Magnus Freelancer 1980-05-17May, 17th, 1980
Johnny Freelancer 1972-10-12October, 12th, 1972

Add Tommy, the freelancer dynamically to the table above.

Table widget 3

Same table as in example 2 but without any layout settings

Name Position Born
John  Managing director  1973-03-02March, 2nd, 1973 
Susan  Partner  1985-12-12December, 12th, 1985 
David  Head of production  1964-11-16November, 16th, 1964 
Laura  Head of marketing  1971-04-03April, 3rd, 1971 
Kate  Marketing  1966-09-29September, 29th, 1966 
Mona  Marketing  1955-08-21August, 21st, 1955 
Mike  Marketing  1978-01-30January, 30th, 1978 
Mark  Production  1983-11-08November, 8th, 1983 
Peter  Production  1984-12-02December, 2nd, 1984 
Jennifer  Production  1987-10-15October, 15th, 1987 
David  Photography  1982-10-31October, 31st, 1982 
Anna  Head of photography  1976-04-28April, 28th, 1976 
Rita  Photography  1981-03-02March, 2nd, 1981 
Magnus  Freelancer  1980-05-17May, 17th, 1980 
Johnny  Freelancer  1972-10-12October, 12th, 1972 
Add new column to the table above dynamically
This demo demonstrates how the DHTMLSuite.tabView class works. It also shows you how you can put table widgets(objects of class DHTMLSuite.dragDrop) inside tabs.