This script makes it easy for you to rearange content in a userfriendly manner. Rearrange the item by drag'n drop. When you're done, your changes can be sent to the server either by a standard form submission or by Ajax(Asyncron Javascript and XML)

This is a Free Downloadable Drag And Drop Script from

Available students

  • Student A
  • Student B
  • Student C
  • Student D
  • Student E
  • Student F
  • Student G
  • Student H
  • Student I
  • Student J
  • Student K
  • Student L
  • Student M
  • Student N
  • Student O

Team a

  • Student P

Team B

    Team C

    • Student Q
    • Student R

    Team D

      Team E

      • Student S
      • Student T
      • Student U