This is a window where I have disabled the scrollbar at the right. If you try to resize it, you will see that some of this text will be hidden below the bottom edge of the window.

I have sent removed the close button from the window.
This script is based on simple ordinary div tags. This makes it very easy to set up. Put in your HTML content and call a javascript function to initialize the window.
Content 3
This script has been tested in IE, Firefox and Opera. Unfortunately, Opera doesn't support overflow in the same extent as IE and firefox, so there you will find both a horizontal and vertical scrollbar. I found that to be better than no scrollbars at all.
This is the content of another tab.
You can use CSS to modify the appearance of the content. This is done by applying CSS rules to the class "floatingWindowContent". example: .dhtmlgoodies_floatingWindow .floatingWindowContent{color:red; }
Cookies are used to remember
* Position of windows
* Size of windows
* Active tab
* Stack order of windows
This is the first version of this window script. I will appreciate tip from you of new scripts and widgets, or perhaps improvement of this script. Send an email to
This is a window where I have specified that I want no tabs and no resize.

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