Class DHTMLSuite.config


class DHTMLSuite.config

Store global variables/configurations used by the classes below. Example: If you want to change the path to the images used by the scripts, change it here. An object of this class will always be available to the other classes. The name of this object is "DHTMLSuite.configObj".

If you want to create an object of this class manually, remember to name it "DHTMLSuite.configObj" This object should then be created before any other objects. This is nescessary if you want the other objects to use the values you have put into the object.

Defined in dhtml-suite-for-applications.js

Author: Alf Magne Kalleland(
Version: 1.0 , 1.0

Constructor Summary
DHTMLSuite.config ()
Method Summary
 void init()
           Initializes the config object - the config class is used to store global properties used by almost all widgets
 void resetCssPath()
 void resetImagePath()
 void setCssPath(newCssPath)
           This method will save a new CSS path, i.e.
 void setImagePath(newImagePath)
           This method will save a new image file path, i.e.

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void init()


void resetCssPath()


void resetImagePath()


void setCssPath(newCssPath)


void setImagePath(newImagePath)

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