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DHTML Chess Wordpress Plugin (Beta) . Participate in the beta testing of the DHTML Chess for WordPress plugin, and receive a free Commercial License worth USD99.


Advertise on is one of the major DHTML websites and reaches web developers from all around the world. Here are the current ad spots and rates:

Types of advertisement

  • 165x60 pixel buttons in the right column of front page and all category pages.(price: USD89 per month)
  • Text links are distributed by the Text Link Ads Network
  • 120x60 pixel buttons at the top of the forum pages (price: USD39 per month)
  • 460x60 pixel banner below the New script section on the front page (price: USD149 per month)

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"DHTMLgoodies sends a good amount of leads our way, but more importantly, those leads are well qualified. They're developers who know what they're doing, and don't need a lot of help or tech support with their accounts."

Ben Chestnut, mailchimp

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