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Chess FEN 2.0

An Improved Version 2.0 of the Chess Position viewer. Use this script to show chess positions on your website with minimum amount of work. The new version is using jQuery.

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PHP Chess Parser

PHP Chess to JSON parser. This scripts converts Chess PGN notation to JSON format(including detailed information like squares and fen).

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DHTML Chess 3.0

FF,IE8+, Chrome

DHTML Chess 3 has been released at Free and commercial licenses are available

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Last updated: August, 1st 08, Beta version with examining possibilities.

This chess widget(Chess client) can be used to display pgn files, broadcast live games or display training exercises by using the embedded drag and drop feature.

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Chess FEN viewer


This is a simple script used to display a chess board on a web page from a FEN("Forsyth-Edwards Notation") string.

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Chess - Blindfold trainer


April. 27th, 2006: Added support for animations and a new kind of exercise.

A DHTML blindfold chess trainer. If you're interested in Chess and want to improve your blindfold capabilities, perhaps this script can help you on the way. The script includes some basic excersizes such as finding color of squares, squares on same diagonal and knight moves. But you can also solve some custom excersizes(You may also add your own) where you have to find the correct move by only knowing which pieces are on the board and where. The solution is displayed on a chess board.

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Chess widget that uses AJAX to retrieve chess data


Last updated: August, 2nd 08, New pgn parser.

This is a chess widget which uses AJAX to retrieve parsed chess data from the server. PHP is used on the server to parse PGN files and output it in a format we can use in our DHTML script(PGN = standard format for saving chess games).

Note: PHP or other server side language is required.

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