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JS calendar in DHTML Suite for applications

There is also a calendar available in the DHTML Suite for applications package. You can see a demo of it here.

JS Calendar (version 2.1)


Last updated: October, 8th 2008 - Month selection bugfix.

This is a cross browser Javascript calendar. Download the zip-file and open the js_calendar.html file in your browser. You use the displayCalendar() or displayCalendarSelectBox() function to display the calendar(look how it is done in js_calendar.html).

12 languages are currently supported(English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish and Czech). You define which language to use in the dhtmlgoodies_calendar.js file. example: var languageCode = 'en';

Aug. 30th, 2007: Thanks to Gregg Buntin for adding new features to this script. (week start on sunday, possibility of removing week number column and the switch used to turn off year span selection)

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