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This script is distributed under the LGPL open source license.
Commercial licenses are also available. Some of these licenses also includes personal e-mail support for up to 1 year.


This script requires PHP. You can also other server side languages if you rewrite the code for getClient.php(See below)

Put this into your <HEAD> section

Put this into your <BODY> section

Download Javascript file

I have used the Simple Ajax Code Kit library(SACK) for this script. I have made a copy available for download here.

Put ajax.js in a subfolder called "js" or change the path to the file in the code above(i.e. <script type="text/javascript" src="js/ajax.js"></script>)


I have created a simple mySql table for this example. You can copy the queries from here

File for client lookup

A php file getClient.php is used in this script. This PHP file is called by Ajax when a new client ID is entered into the first text field. It will connect to the database and try to find a client with the entered client ID. If one is found, it will send data back to AJAX. These data will evalulated by our main script.

The getClient.php file looks like this:

/* Replace the data in these two lines with data for your db connection */
$connection = mysql_connect("host","username","password");  

  $res = mysql_query("select * from ajax_client where clientID='".$_GET['getClientId']."'") or die(mysql_error());
  if($inf = mysql_fetch_array($res)){
    echo "formObj.firstname.value = '".$inf["firstname"]."';\n";    
    echo "formObj.lastname.value = '".$inf["lastname"]."';\n";    
    echo "formObj.address.value = '".$inf["address"]."';\n";    
    echo "formObj.zipCode.value = '".$inf["zipCode"]."';\n";    
    echo " = '".$inf["city"]."';\n";    
    echo " = '".$inf["country"]."';\n";    
    echo "formObj.firstname.value = '';\n";    
    echo "formObj.lastname.value = '';\n";    
    echo "formObj.address.value = '';\n";    
    echo "formObj.zipCode.value = '';\n";    
    echo " = '';\n";    
    echo " = '';\n";      


Tried this code. The html form displays properly but there is no results. The database is built and populated as per the script.Any advise would be helpful.Thanks
jc at 10:08PM, 2011/02/28.
Admin comment
JC, I will suggest that you open your page in Firefox with the Firebug Add-On enabled. Open the "Net" tab and verify if the response from the server is correct.Also, please read
DHTMLGoodies at 10:37AM, 2011/03/01.
Thank you for responding. I have tried the above suggestions and still no response (data is not displayed). There is also a reference to an image in /images. I removed that line and still nothing. There was no images downloaded with the script. Other javascript scripts work fine but not this one and this is the one that I want to work with. I will try to re install and edit the script again. If you have any suggestions that I might try please advise as I really want to make this work.Thanks alot. I love the work that has gone into this site.Jc
jc at 01:59AM, 2011/03/02.
Admin comment
Jc,It's difficult to say what's wrong without seeing your code.An completely different alternative may be to use the Mootools library( only. Request.JSON was implemented there after the script on this site was created. JSON makes it very easy to create functionality like the one showed in the script here.Here's an example:HTML page:<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" ""><head></head><body><script type="text/javascript" src="js/external/mootools-core-1.3-full-compat.js"></script><form> <table> <tr><td>Firstname:</td><td><input type="text" id="firstname" name="firstname"></td></tr> <tr><td>Lastname</td><td><input type="text" id="lastname" name="lastname"></td></tr> <tr><td>Address:</td><td><textarea name="address" id="address"></textarea></td></tr> </table></form><script type="text/javascript">var jsonRequest = new Request.JSON({ url: 'response.php', onSuccess : function(person, txt) { $('firstname').set('value', person.firstname) $('lastname').set('value', person.lastname) $('address').set('value', person.address) }, noCache : 1}).get({'id': '1' });</script></body></html>This page sends a request to response.php and asks for the data for "id=1". The data returned from response.php may look like this:{ "firstname" : "John","lastname" : "Doe","address" : "Somewhere" }
DHTMLGoodies at 12:23PM, 2011/03/02.
I was using this script and had it all functioning but was trying to submit the fields in a form with a button so it could be written to a second database.Basically I lookup data with a unique ID then its matched up with some other variables that are currently available into a table. Sadly after messing with it a while I can't get it to submit those fields since the form action is already used to look them up.Any ideas on something I could try? I hate to bother you but this would be very useful in this little project and this lookup code works very well.Thank you.CB
CB at 08:14AM, 2011/03/23.
I have tried to use your code, but the response will not display in the inputs. The .php response from the server is correct. I have also tried the exact same scripting as you example.Any ideas? Thanx..BT
BT at 08:36AM, 2011/03/26.
Really good ajax code
Alok at 12:31PM, 2011/03/30.
Me too. The response are not displayed in the inputs.I'm a programmer in Perl (CGI's / SSI's). I know little of javascript, and much less of AJAX.Thrashing my scripts, JS scripts and apache logs, I realized that the arguments forwarded by AJAX are wrong:In the ajax.js:If this.method = "POST", results in: POST /myScript.cgi?id=1001POST has no arguments in queryIf this.method = "GET", results in: GET /myScript.cgi?id=1001?rndval=1303660905504The argument "id" has value '1001?rndval=1303660905504'So, I implemented a sort of url strip and set the method to GET, and told it to ajax.js.The new JS code is as follows:
Andre at 04:53PM, 2011/04/24.
var ajaxObjects = new Array();var currentClientID=false;function getClientData() { var indexThis = ajaxObjects.length; ajaxObjects[indexThis] = new sack(); var clientID = document.getElementById("clientID").value.replace(/[^0-9a-z_]/g,""); if(clientID==currentClientID){ return; } currentClientID = clientID;// I implemented a sort of url's strip and set the method to GET, and told it to ajax.js. var url = "getClient.php?getClientId="+clientID; // full url to get if(url.indexOf('?')>=0) { ajaxObjects[indexThis].method="GET"; // defined method to GET var string = url.substring(url.indexOf("?")); url = url.replace(string,""); string = string.replace("?",""); var items = string.split(/&/g); for(var no=0;no<items.length;no++) { var tokens = items[no].split("="); if(tokens.length==2) { ajaxObjects[indexThis].setVar(tokens[0],tokens[1]); } } url = url.replace(string,""); }// end of implementations ajaxObjects[indexThis].requestFile = url; // Specifying which file to get ajaxObjects[indexThis].onCompletion = function(){ showClientData(indexThis); }; // Specify function that will be executed after file has been found ajaxObjects[indexThis].runAJAX(); // Execute AJAX function}function showClientData(indexThis) { var formObj = document.forms["clientForm"]; eval(ajaxObjects[indexThis].response);}function initFormEvents() { document.getElementById("clientID").onblur = getClientData; document.getElementById("clientID").focus();}window.onload = initFormEvents;After changes in the JS script and without changing the ajax.js,results in: GET /myScript.cgi?id=1001&rndval=1303660978053
Andre at 04:56PM, 2011/04/24.
Error in IE 6 and 7cannot get focusbut it's working fine at firefox. any solution for this ?
hendrik at 02:38AM, 2011/05/04.
Hi,I'm JSP coder. Could you please convert the getClient.php into jsp. I would try your goodies since my project required me to do this trick.Thank
sichipan at 02:00AM, 2011/05/24.
Hi,I got an js error at the eval(ajax.response); (for original code) alsoeval(ajaxObjects[indexThis].response); (andre version)Any idea.
sichipan at 04:40AM, 2011/05/24.
Admin comment

This error indicates that there's a problem with the data received from the server.

If you have firefox, please install the Firebug add on. When installed, activate it.

Open your ajax client lookup page and type something in the "id" field, i.e. the field triggering the lookup event.

Now, pay attention to the console page in Firebug. When you typed in the id, you should see a new line appearing in the console, something like :

Click on the [+] button in front of the line and then on the "Response" tab. What do you see there ?

If it's working correctly, you should see something like :

formObj.firstname.value = 'John';
formObj.lastname.value = 'Doe';
formObj.address.value = 'Kings square 10';
formObj.zipCode.value = '4070'; = 'RANDABERG'; = 'NORWAY';
DHTMLGoodies at 03:03PM, 2011/05/24.
Hi,I have tried your advice but still got same error. Below are my complete code. var ajaxObjects = new Array(); var currentClientID = false; function getClientData() { var indexThis = ajaxObjects.length; ajaxObjects[indexThis] = new sack(); var clientId = document.getElementById('New_ICNo').value; currentClientID = clientId ajaxObjects[indexThis].requestFile = 'getClient.jsp?nic='+clientId; ajaxObjects[indexThis].onCompletion = function(){ showClientData(indexThis); }; ajaxObjects[indexThis].runAJAX(); } function showClientData(indexThis) { var formObj = document.forms['form1']; eval(ajaxObjects[indexThis].response); } function initFormEvents() { document.getElementById('New_ICNo').onblur = getClientData; document.getElementById('New_ICNo').focus(); } window.onload = initFormEvents;form name='form1' id='form1' method='post' action='client.jsp'input name='New_ICNo' type='text' id='New_ICNo' size='16' maxlength='14'input name='Old_ICNo' type='text' id='Old_ICNo' size='10' maxlength='10'input name='L_Name' type='text' id='L_Name' size='80' maxlength='60'getClient.jspString Recordset1__NewIC = "";if (request.getParameter("nic") != "") {Recordset1__NewIC = request.getParameter("nic");}Driver DriverRecordset1 = (Driver)Class.forName(MM_DISConn_DRIVER).newInstance();Connection ConnRecordset1 = DriverManager.getConnection(MM_DISConn_STRING,MM_DISConn_USERNAME,MM_DISConn_PASSWORD);PreparedStatement StatementRecordset1 = ConnRecordset1.prepareStatement("SELECT NewICNo, OldICNo, Defaulter_Name FROM defaulter.dis_defaulterparticular WHERE NewICNo = ?");StatementRecordset1.setObject(1, Recordset1__NewIC);ResultSet Recordset1 = StatementRecordset1.executeQuery();boolean Recordset1_isEmpty = !;boolean Recordset1_hasData = !Recordset1_isEmpty;Object Recordset1_data;int Recordset1_numRows = 0;String nic = Recordset1.getString(1);String oic = Recordset1.getString(2);String nam = Recordset1.getString(3);out.print("formObj.Old_ICNo.value = '"+oic+"';"+"
");out.print("formObj.L_Name.value = '"+nam+"';"+"
");Firebug 1.7.1(On Screen)formObj.Old_ICNo.value = 'A10101010';formObj.L_Name.value = 'THIS IS TEST DATA 1';Firebug Consolehtml head /head body formObj.Old_ICNo.value = 'A10101010'; br formObj.L_Name.value = 'THIS IS TEST DATA 1'; br /body/html

sichipan at 02:27AM, 2011/05/25.
Admin comment
sichipan,There seems to be a problem with the response from the server. Tags such as <html> and <body> should not be there. All that should be sent from the server is this:formObj.Old_ICNo.value = 'A10101010';formObj.L_Name.value = 'THIS IS TEST DATA 1';
DHTMLGoodies at 01:59PM, 2011/05/25.
Hi,Thank for pointing me where the problem is. Found that the problem in my getClient.jsp page where I'm using out.print statement combine with html break line.To share with others, the correct syntax are :out.print("formObj.Old_ICNo.value = '"+oic+"';");out.newLine();out.print("formObj.L_Name.value = '"+nam+"';");Thank you very much.
sichipan at 03:36AM, 2011/05/26.
dfg at 05:22AM, 2011/06/03.
dfg at 05:24AM, 2011/06/03.
Allan Telles
Hi i have a problem with your code, i still using this code in a web page how uses brazilian portuguese language teh code works very fine but the problem i have is:in my database i have two ways of data sometimes names are be wroten with accents and sometimes they are converted by the code htmlentities of PHP so then go to the data base with html codes like in the word "feet" in portuguese is "pé" in my database this save like "pé" when your code fills my HTML the code ignore the charset and write in the HTML "pé" no "pé" how the all of other codes i use they change the HTML codes normally but this java dont he ignores totally the conversion do you know how i can solve that.i need helpthe code i use cames down:connect_cep.php(i'm setting the char set here for the db retrieve results correctly)cadastro.phpthis code was in the place ofwindow.load = initformevents ();this is the java he still in a output archivejava.js// funcao consulta cep var ajax = new sack(); var currentClientID=false; function getClientData() { var clientId = document.getElementById('cep').value.replace(/[^0-9]/g,''); if(clientId.length==8 && clientId!=currentClientID){ currentClientID = clientId ajax.requestFile = 'cep.php?cep='+clientId; // Specifying which file to get ajax.onCompletion = showClientData; // Specify function that will be executed after file has been found ajax.runAJAX(); // Execute AJAX function } } function showClientData() { var formObj = document.forms['clientForm']; eval(ajax.response); } function initFormEvents() { document.getElementById('cep').onblur = getClientData; document.getElementById('nome').focus(); } i made some changes here for use for my purpose this code.cep.php
Allan Telles at 03:12PM, 2011/06/09.
Allan Telles
sorry but the system ignored some code i will putt they here again.connect_cep.php $conexao_cep = mysql_connect ("x.x.x.x", "xxx", "xxx"); $db_cep = mysql_select_db ("cep", $conexao_cep); mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'"); mysql_query('SET character_set_connection=utf8'); mysql_query('SET character_set_client=utf8'); mysql_query('SET character_set_results=utf8'); (i'm setting the char set here for the db retrieve results correctly) cep.phpinclude("connect_cep.php");$cep = $_GET['cep'];$end = "";$bairro = "";$cidade = "";$uf = "";$temp = str_split($cep);$temp1 = $temp[0].$temp[1].$temp[2].$temp[3].$temp[4];$check_uf = "select * from uf where Cep1 = ".$temp1;$execut = mysql_query($check_uf);$result = mysql_fetch_array($execut);$uf = $result['UF'];$temp2 = strtolower($uf);$uf_result = $temp2;$temp_cep = $temp1."-".$temp[5].$temp[6].$temp[7];$sql = "select * from ".$uf_result." where cep='".$temp_cep."'";$exe = mysql_query($sql);$reg = mysql_fetch_array($exe);$end = $reg['tp_logradouro']." ".$reg['logradouro'];$bairro = $reg['bairro'];$cidade = $reg['cidade'];if($end == " " && $bairro == "" && $cidade == "") { echo "formObj.end.value = 'Endereco nao encontrado.';\n";echo "formObj.bairro.value = 'Bairro nao encontrado.';\n";echo "formObj.cidade.value = 'Cidade nao encontrada.';\n";echo "formObj.uf.value = '".$uf."';\n"; }else {echo "formObj.end.value = '".$end."';\n";echo "formObj.bairro.value = '".$bairro."';\n";echo "formObj.cidade.value = '".$cidade."';\n";echo "formObj.uf.value = '".$uf."';\n";}this is the php code how i use to make the search in the database.
Allan Telles at 03:16PM, 2011/06/09.
Deepak Jain
Someone asked to convert the getClient.php file into jsp is the jsp file...getClient.jsp don't forget to change the requestFile name in head section...... :)
Deepak Jain at 09:03PM, 2011/07/01.
Deepak Jain
sorry.. in my last post I wrote the code but I don't know why it's not appearing......If you need this code, you can send a mail to me...Deepak
Deepak Jain at 09:17PM, 2011/07/01.
charles palmer
Hi,Is it possible to amend the script so that the client ID does not have to use numerical client ID's eg I would like to be able to use an ID such asGeorge01Any help would be appreciated as I don't really know any Javascript.Regards
charles palmer at 04:24PM, 2011/08/12.
it's work, just remove : if(clientId.length==4 && clientId!=currentClientID){tq.
otnaibus at 02:22PM, 2011/10/11.
Good morning,

How to use your code to look up values ​​in two tables from different database while not the same form. I tried to use two codes at the same time on the same page and only one works.
If you have an example that would be published.
thank you
João at 10:21AM, 2011/10/31.
Clint Larraga
jquery implementation of ------- index2.html------------<HTML><HEAD> <style type="text/css"> body{ background-repeat:no-repeat; font-family: Trebuchet MS, Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial, sans-serif; height:100%; background-color: #FFF; margin:0px; padding:0px; background-image:url('/images/heading3.gif'); background-repeat:no-repeat; padding-top:85px; } fieldset{ width:500px; margin-left:10px; } </style> <!-- script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.5.1.min.js"></script --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></HEAD><BODY> <form name="clientForm" action="ajax-client_lookup.html" method="post"> <fieldset> <legend>Client information</legend> <table> <tr> <td><label for="clientID">Client ID:</label></td> <td><input name="clientID" id="clientID" size="5" maxlength="4"></td> </tr> <tr> <td><label for="firstname">First name:</label></td> <td><input name="firstname" id="firstname" size="20" maxlength="255"></td> </tr> <tr> <td><label for="lastname">Last name:</label></td> <td><input name="lastname" id="lastname" size="20" maxlength="255"></td> </tr> <tr> <td><label for="address">Address:</label></td> <!-- td><input name="address" id="address" size="20" maxlength="255"></td --> <td><textarea name="address" id="address" size="20" maxlength="255"></textarea></td> </tr> <tr> <td><label for="zipCode">Zipcode:</label></td> <td><input name="zipCode" id="zipCode" size="4" maxlength="5"></td> </tr> <tr> <td><label for="city">City:</label></td> <td><input name="city" id="city" size="20" maxlength="255"></td> </tr> <tr> <td><label for="country">Country:</label></td> <!-- td><input name="country" id="country" size="20" maxlength="255"></td --> <td> <SELECT name="country" id="country"> <option value="">--</option> <option value="PHILIPPINES">Philippines</option> <option value="NORWAY">Norway</option> </SELECT> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><input type="submit" id="submit" value="submit"></td> <td><input type="reset" id="reset" value="reset"></td> </tr> </table> </fieldset> <p>Same as index.html, in JQUERY Valid client IDs in this example are 1001 - 1007.</p> </form> <form name="blah" action="ajax-client_lookup.html" method="post"> <fieldset> <legend>Another Form</legend> <table> <tr> <td><label for="test">test:</label></td> <td><input name="test" id="test" size="20" maxlength="255" value="should not be resetted when you hit reset 1"></td> </tr> <tr> <td><input type="submit" id="submit" value="submit"></td> <td><input type="reset" id="reset" value="reset"></td> </tr> </table> </form> </fieldset><div id="images"></div><script type="text/javascript">$("#clientID").bind("change", function(e){ $.getJSON("getClient2.php?cID=" + $("#clientID").val(), function(data){ $.each(data, function(i,item){ if (item.field == "firstname") { $("#firstname").val(item.value); } else if (item.field == "lastname") { $("#lastname").val(item.value); } else if (item.field == "address") { $("#address").val(item.value); } else if (item.field == "zipCode") { $("#zipCode").val(item.value); } else if (item.field == "city") { $("#city").val(item.value); } else if (item.field == "country") { $("#country").val(item.value); } }); });});</script></BODY></HTML>----------------- end html ----------------- ------------ getClient2.php ------------------<?php$connection = mysql_connect("host","user","pass"); mysql_select_db("db",$connection);$id=$_GET['cID'];if (isset($id)) { $result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ajax_client WHERE clientID='$id'") or die("error: ".mysql_error()); while($plist=mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { $json = array(array('field' => 'firstname', 'value' => $plist[firstname]), array('field' => 'lastname', 'value' => $plist[lastname]), array('field' => 'address', 'value' => $plist[address]), array('field' => 'zipCode', 'value' => $plist[zipCode]), array('field' => 'city', 'value' => $plist[city]), array('field' => 'country', 'value' => $plist[country]) //last item should have no comma ); } }print json_encode($json);?>----------- end php ------------------
Clint Larraga at 03:12AM, 2012/01/11.
Is it possible to create multiple instances in one page?
robin at 11:41AM, 2012/02/02.
Hiya Guys, Need a bit of help here. I am trying to pull an image path back via the ajax and then have that image appear on the page after the client look up is done. For reference, there is a field in the database that I have hooked this up too that has the path for the image. It's name is photopath. So basically in my php script I have or had this: echo "formObj.photopath.value = '".$inf["photopath"]."';\n"; That would give me a value of: uploades/image_name.jpg When I checked my json code by calling getClients.php?clientID=Foster,%20David I could see the image in the json coding just fine. But what I was stuck on was on how to get that image to actually appear in the html code. I have a spot for it with an 'id' tag set, and tried using <span id="photopath"></span> and tried using <div id="photopath"></div> and neither of those would render the picture like it should. So I went back to modify the php code and tried adding in the image src tag, and still got no results. What I am looking to do is simple really. User fills in a name and clicks out or tabs out of that field, and the results are returned (which is all working just fine now) and also show a picture that we have for that user. I would imaging, just like the ability to change the info of who you're looking up, and the responding information changes, I would imagine the image could do the same thing - just need help to get the image to actually appear in it's desired spot Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
Mike at 06:39PM, 2012/04/05.
hello Mike! I have the same problem as you solved it?
Emanuel at 02:20PM, 2012/05/14.
Could someone help me?I have multiple input fields for product numbers. Every time a field is filled in, the price has to be collected from the database from that field. Then all the prices of the filled in fields have to be summed up and shown in a field/div when the user onfocus the input field.Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
Richard at 02:49PM, 2012/05/15.
thank you thank you very much for the contribution
jose at 11:10PM, 2012/05/31.
José Ramirez
Hello that such I am no expert in ajax and I wonder how he would print a select from:if ($ inf = pg_fetch_array ($ res))   {   How would one select here        / / echo "formObj.zipCode.value = '". $ inf ["zipcode"]. "' \ n";     / / echo " = '". $ inf ["city"]. "' \ n";     / / echo " = '". $ inf ["country"]. "' \ n";       }
José Ramirez at 08:30PM, 2012/11/29.
El ejemplo de cargar datos solo al colocar una clave está bueno, lo que pasa que he realizado todas sus recomendaciones y no puedo ejecutarlo, podrían enviarme todo el código y el ajax client del que hablan a mi email. Gracias...
Manuel at 06:25PM, 2013/04/15.
Saludos. He probado estos codigos tal como muestran en sus paginas, pero no funciona. Me gustaria me enviara los archivos donde se encuentra toda la informacion para poder ejecutarlo. Es muy buen formualrio. Les agradezco.
manuel at 01:25PM, 2013/04/16.
Eric Goldberg
I need the same example but in ASP classic language, i tried to modify the code but doesn't work.. Help Please..could you give an example?
Eric Goldberg at 08:38PM, 2013/07/01.
I am trying to get the above working ( first attempt with AJAX) have an error showing in fire bug as follows POST = POST http://live/roster/pages/login/getClient.php?getClientId=70700000 ( this looks ok )ajax.js (line 186)ParamsHeadersPostResponseHTMLCookiesNo database selectedSyntaxError: missing ; before statement[Break On This Error] No database selectedSyntaxError: missing ; before statement is showing the database at line 43 on the AJAX JS script as the point of error. Any thoughts/advice??
Dave at 03:49PM, 2013/07/14.
<a href="#comment996">otnaibus wrote:</a>it's work, just remove : if(clientId.length==4 && clientId!=currentClientID){tq.
tengo el mismo problema pero no lo puedo resolver tu ya lo resolviste
Analilia at 05:59PM, 2013/07/19.
HOLA SERA posible modificar la secuencia de comandos para que el ID de cliente no tiene que utilizar numérica del ID de cliente por ejemplo, me gustaría ser capaz de utilizar un ID como DKX011 Cualquier ayuda se agradece, ya que no se sabe muy bien cualquier Javascript . Saludos
Analilia at 10:25PM, 2013/07/26.
David Morales
Hello, I'm Trying to have more than one field to load from the same form, i tried to create another function but only the first one is working, and the PHP file is working ok any advice?This is the javascript code: var ajax = new sack(); function getProyector() { var num_inv = document.getElementById('num_inv').value.replace(/[^0-9]/g,''); ajax.requestFile = 'getProyectorPrest.php?num_inv='+num_inv; // Specifying which file to get ajax.onCompletion = showData; // Specify function that will be executed after file has been found ajax.runAJAX(); // Execute AJAX function } function getMaestro() { var num_emp = document.getElementById('num_emp').value.replace(/[^0-9]/g,''); ajax.requestFile = 'getMaestro.php?num_emp='+num_emp; // Specifying which file to get ajax.onCompletion = showData; // Specify function that will be executed after file has been found ajax.runajax(); // Execute ajax function } function showData() { var formObj = document.forms['Datos']; eval(ajax.response); } window.onload = function() { document.getElementById("num_emp").focus(); document.getElementById('num_emp').onblur = getMaestro; document.getElementById('num_inv').onblur = getProyector; }
David Morales at 04:05PM, 2013/08/20.
a question:if I need to save values ​​as in my database I need to change the type to varchar, so to do does not work ..... I can do
axes at 10:17PM, 2014/01/06.
Thank you very much. Works fine. I have had a problem with the brackets and stuff like that but it works great.
alfredo at 04:22PM, 2014/08/27.
hi , very very tanks for this tutorial. but note this : users can see the getClient.php and so can see any record in database. its better that use POST to send data from form to getClient.php . i dont know how do this. help me please.
hosein at 11:48AM, 2014/12/26.
Thanks man. easy explaantion.Brazil!
Rapha at 07:21PM, 2017/01/24.
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ezilaguxa at 05:45AM, 2019/04/12.
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avibulo at 01:56PM, 2019/06/17.
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azerodemu at 01:56PM, 2019/06/17.
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ayariheke at 01:56PM, 2019/06/17.

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