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Download Fixed marquee script


Put this into your <HEAD> section

Put this into your <BODY> section


You use plain HTML when you define the content of the marquee.
<div id="dhtmlgoodies_marquee"> is used to define the marquee object, and you use one inner div for each of your news messages. Example:
<div class="textObj">
<span class="highlighted">Breaking news!</span>
This is the content of my marquee.

CSS in the <HEAD> section is used for the layout of the marquee. Look at the comments there for more information.

You could choose between showing the marquee at the top or at the bottom of your window. This is defined in a javascript variable:
var dhtmlgoodies_marqueePosition = 'bottom'; // "top" or "bottom"

The speed is also something you could change. Two variables are used for this:
var dhtmlgoodies_marqueeSteps = 2; // Higher = Faster, Lower = slower and more smoothly
var dhtmlgoodies_marqueeSpeed = 8; // Lower value = Faster


miguel perez
I want to add a picture to the left of the scroll and change the text

please help me

miguel perez at 08:43PM, 2011/05/15.
nice tutorial, greats :D
andi at 06:30AM, 2011/05/22.
when i put var dhtmlgoodies_marqueePosition = 'top'; // "top" or "bottom"

it doesnt work in my IE 8, why?
cookiegal at 08:36PM, 2011/09/01.
asad at 11:43PM, 2011/10/05.
Oladokun Stephen
Thanks so much for this ... i really appreciate it. God bless and more grace
Oladokun Stephen at 05:02PM, 2011/11/22.
Yea I have problem with ie8 any hints?
clark at 09:06AM, 2011/12/12.
<a href="#comment471">miguel perez wrote:</a>
I want to add a picture to the left of the scroll and change the text

please help me


chevronne at 05:13AM, 2012/02/21.
Bradley Corner
Is there a way to set a background image? I set up a a tag in my site.css of
#mycrawler {
background-image: url(../Images/red-background.png);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
and it shows up in preview mode (dreamwweaver) but when I go live it disappears and the background color shows through.
Bradley Corner at 08:01AM, 2012/03/20.
Hello...Great script btw. Changed highlight colors & like a charm, BUT it shifted my entire front page content to align:left. How can I align my page back to center without removing script? Please help asap! Thx
Tirah at 02:29PM, 2012/04/20.
Great tutorial. Thank YOU guys;D
banana at 04:34AM, 2012/05/09.
how I change text right to left
abrahim at 09:02AM, 2012/12/30.
how I change text moving from left to right
JWHAR at 04:17AM, 2013/07/01.
nice...Thank you
salar at 09:38AM, 2013/07/31.
Thor Sølyst Farup
Hello how to i change it so the next "breaking news" comes before the other has disappeared. So there is just a little bit of space between them?
Thor Sølyst Farup at 04:57AM, 2014/09/17.
how can i display a marquee tag like a block.
means news display in channels in abox..........
santosh at 11:31PM, 2014/12/14.

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