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You can download all the files needed for this script from this Zip file.

Files in package

  • tab-view.html = Main html file
  • tab-view-demo2.html = Main html file(with two tab sets)
  • js/ajax.js = Ajax (Library from
  • js/tab-view.js = Main js file for this script
  • css/tab-view.css = Cascading style sheet for the script
  • externalfile.html = Sample file loaded by Ajax as content of dynamic created tab
  • images/* = Images used in the script


It's easy to configure this script. You put your content into separate <DIV>s and then call a javascript function which creates the tabs dynamically.
<div id="dhtmlgoodies_tabView1">
  <div class="dhtmlgoodies_aTab">
    Content of tab 1
  <div class="dhtmlgoodies_aTab">
    Content of tab 2
  <div class="dhtmlgoodies_aTab">
    Content of tab 3
  <div class="dhtmlgoodies_aTab">
    Content of tab 4
<script type="text/javascript">
initTabs(Array('Menu scripts','Calender',
'Menus','About us'),1,500,400);

<div id="dhtmlgoodies_tabView1"> is parent to the content of all your tabs. Inside it, you have one <div class="dhtmlgoodies_aTab"> for each tab window. Put the content of your tabs inside them.

You initialize the script by calling the initTabs() function. Arguments sent to this are:

  • ID of parent element, example: dhtmlgoodies_tabView1
  • Array('Menu scripts','Calender','Menus','About us') = An array of tab labels
  • 1 = Index of active tab(0 = first tab, 1 = second tab...)
  • 500 = Width of tab pane
  • 400 = Height of tab pane(Use empty string("") if you want dynamic height)
  • Array(false,true,true,true) = Array of close button visibility. One item for each tab. When set to true, a close button will appear at the top right corner of the tab

Create new tab dynamically

You can call the function createNewTab() when you need to create a new tab dynamically. Arguments to this functions are:

  • Tab title = Tab title as string
  • Content = Tab content as string(optional)
  • Url to content = Url to file(optional). The content of this file will be loaded dynamically by Ajax

Remove a tab

You can remove a tab by calling the function deleteTab(tabTitle). Input to this function is the label of the tab you want to remove, example: deleteTab('Menu scripts');

Add content dynamically to one of the tabs

You can use the function addAjaxContentToTab to add content from an external file dynamically to one of the tabs. This function takes two arguments:

  1. Title of tab, example: "Menu scripts"
  2. Relative path to external file, example: "includes/"

Example: <a href="#" onclick="addAjaxContentToTab('Menu scripts','includes/');return false">Add content<A>


There's also a variable you have to modify if you're not using a valid doctype in your document. This is needed for the tabs to display correctly in Internet Explorer. The doctype is specified in the first line of your code. Example:
If no doctype is specified in your document, change the variable strictDocType from true to false. I.e.:

var strictDocType = false;

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Update log

  • September, 29th, 2006 - Added support for small close buttons at the top right corner of the tabs.
  • September, 8th, 2006 - Added a function addAjaxContentToTab which displays some ajax content dynamically in a tab.
  • June, 20th, 2006 - Added support for multiple sets of tabs
  • Mar, 15th - 2006, Create and delete tabs dynamically.


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